Opiniones sobre juegos en 007: Nueva Misión

8344 jugadores
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tolle Raumgestaltung, coole Rätsel
Ago f411d4ee322974b34535667bf1d4a457957324826ebe33009339b315f2653f9512.08.19 20:00
Direttamente dall'Italia per provare questa rinomata Escape room! Punti a favore:gentilezza dello staff, enigmi innovativi ed originali, difficoltà delle stanze sfidante (eravamo in due). Punti a sfavore: nessuno! Abbiamo giocato ad entrambe le stanze Perdido en el pasado e la 007. Entrambe da non perdere se amate le escape rooms come noi! Abbiamo trovato enigmi mai visti in Italia!!
Ago f411d4ee322974b34535667bf1d4a457957324826ebe33009339b315f2653f9513.07.19 12:00
Our family had very good time in 007: New mission. Well designed game, friendly host. Strongly recommend.
Ago f411d4ee322974b34535667bf1d4a457957324826ebe33009339b315f2653f9522.06.19 14:00
Unique room, perfect difficulty and friendly staff. I’ve been doing around 10 escape rooms with my girlfriend over the past year, and the 007 room at this place is definitely one of the best i’ve tried. You won’t be disappointed!
Ago f411d4ee322974b34535667bf1d4a457957324826ebe33009339b315f2653f9521.05.19 16:00
I emailed QuestQuest the week before we arrived in Palma to see if they could recommend a room that would be suitable for my heavily pregnant wife (with no crawling orjump scares!) and they recommended the 007 room. We booked online and arrived to find a very friendly lady who explained the rules of the game to us (some of us newbies, some not). The room was excellent and made great and novel use of technology that we hadn't seen before in other escape rooms. The clues when required were also well targeted — didn't give the game away but also gave a good shove in the right direction for us. We managed to escape in 54 minutes (by the skin of our teeth!) and spent at least the next 54 minutes "discussing" who was to blame for not escaping earlier ;—)» We'd definitely recommend this escape room and if we're ever in Palma again we will definitely return. Thanks!
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